CA2500 2 Channel Amplifier  500w Per Output Channel

2 Channel Amplifier 500w Per Output Channel


The Cloud CA Series is a range of versatile multi-channel audio power amplifiers of advanced design, able to drive low impedance loudspeakers, or high impedance (100 V-line or 70 V-line) loudspeaker distribution systems directly. They are ideal for sound reinforcement applications in the retail, leisure, hospitality, commercial or industrial sectors.

Models CA2500, CA4250, CA6160 and CA8125 are all capable of delivering 1 kW of audio power. In high impedance (70/100V-line) mode, this maximum power rating can be shared between channels in an intelligent manner, allowing the amplifiers to drive different types or numbers of loudspeakers
in the various areas of a building or venue with maximum economy. 

Particular design attention has been paid to the amplifiers’ energy efficiency. The Class D output stages dispense with line output transformers, and consequently offer great savings in weight and size over earlier designs. An automatic, two-stage power-down feature (APD) resulting in power consumption of less than 2.5 W. The amplifiers also include a remote standby/wake up function, enabling them to be placed into standby mode - and subsequently powered up again - by a simple external contact closure. The APD feature can be disabled by a rear panel DIP switch. 

Safety features of the design include output DC detection, overcurrent protection, and thermal monitoring. A switch on delay provides loudspeaker protection at power-up. All models use variable–speed forced-air cooling.


• Output stage can drive 70 V/100 V-line systems directly (transformerless), or low impedance
loudspeakers (≥4 ohms)
• Output mode selectable per-channel
• Balanced line level inputs
• Per-channel output level controls
• Per-channel rear panel input switches for input routing, high or low impedance operation, 70 V/100V -line selection and high-pass filter
• Automatic Power Down: <2.5 W power consumption with all channels quiescent
• Remote Power control input
• Global disable of APD function
• Variable speed forced-air cooling
• Thermal protection, overcurrent limiting and DC offset protection
• Switch-on delay for speaker protection during power-up
• Universal PSU – operates from 100 to 240 VAC

Available Options:
• CDI-CA2, CDI-CA4, CDI-CA8 Dante® input cards
(any CDI-CA card will work in any CA Amplifier although limited by the amplifiers maximum channel count)

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