Cloud Electronics hold their products to four brand values, these ensure that we deliver the very best audio experience. Our fifth 'Brand Heritage' represents our history of delivering quality products to these values.

Brand Heritage

For over 40 years, Cloud has consistently built the most reliable products in the Distributed Audio Contracting marketplace. We understand the Markets, the Applications and the Customer Need. Consequently, our products are developed with a greater capacity to deliver consistently over time.

    Sonic Performance

    'Clearly Better Sound' 
    We make a very deliberate choice to use exceptional studio grade audio components; this means Cloud products always sound great. They are designed by British Audio Electronics Engineers who maximise the sonic performance of each product through refined experience and knowledge.

    Proven Reliability

    We have an undeniable and proven track record for producing products that stand the test of time. Our Hand Built manufacturing plus 100% Testing and Sound Testing Processes deliver the most reliable products with consistent quality.

    Easy to Install & Use

    Cloud products are design and engineered for Systems Integrators to easily install and used by busy working staff in hectic commercial environments for many, many years.


    Utilising the minimum consumption possible our Audio Systems translate into savings for your pocket and the planet.