LM-2DW & LM-2DB DE/NL Line/Mic/Remote Active Input Plate

DE/NL Line/Mic/Remote Active Input Plate


The LM-2D is the anglo Dutch/German fixing variant of the LM-2. This Active Input Plate allows easy connection of a Microphone and/or Line Level Input with Remote Source and Volume Control. Available in Black or White and connects directly via RJ45 connector to any Cloud model with a Facility Port Socket.

Due to the simplistic topology, the cable runs can be up to 1.5km long.

The first RJ45 socket allows an LM-2 Active Wall Plate to be connected per zone via Screened Cat-5 cabling. The second RJ-45 socket allows a second LM-2 to be daisy chained using the LINK function and sums the audio in the zone.

The LM-2 is regularly used for presentations in seminar and conference suites, hotel ballrooms, multipurpose hospitality application, outdoor events, health and fitness application or lecturers in a classroom situation.

IP Rated Weatherproof/Outdoor Boxes refer to your local hardware supplier.

  • LM-2DW (White) & LM-2DB (Black)
  • Inputs for Balanced Mic (XLR) and Stereo Line (Phone and/or 3.5mm Jack)
  • Individual Level Controls for Microphone and Music
  • Microphone can Override Music
  • Remote Control of Mixer's Music Source and Level
  • Link Extension Option via RJ45 to add another LM-2 per zone
  • RSL-6 Extension Option
  • 3 Fittings - UK 2 Gang / "A" Ver - USA / "D" Ver - German
  • Black or White Finish

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