VTX750, VTX1200, VTX1500 Power Amps

Power Amps

VTX750, VTX1200, VTX1500

The VTX amplifiers are a range of rugged, high quality, professional power amplifiers designed to give long, reliable service when continuously operated at high power levels. All models feature very low distortion and noise together with a high slew rate. A comprehensive range of protection circuits including Cloud’s DCP (Dynamic Clip Protection) allows the amplifiers to tolerate a good deal of abuse and help prevent damage to speakers.


VTX1500: OUTPUT POWER 2Ω - 375 W RMS p/ch

VTX1200: OUTPUT POWER 2Ω - 600 W RMS p/ch

VTX750: OUTPUT POWER 2Ω - 725 W RMS p/ch

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