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CX ZONER Zone Mixer

The Cloud CX Zoner has been designed to extend the line level output facilities of any sound mixer, and is particularly useful in a modern complex night-club sound system. When used in conjunction with the Cloud CXM mixer, full control of the microphone and music levels in five zones can be achieved.

The separate music and microphone outputs on the CXM mixer connect directly to the stereo Line 1 and Line 2 inputs on the Zoner. Five zones are provided, each with independent level controls for microphone and music with a gain range from infinity to +10dB. Each control has a centre detent for accurate setting of 0dB. Each zone can be switched independently into mono mode if required. LED’s on the front panel indicate input signal presence and stereo or mono operation of each zone. Gold plated XLR’s are used for all input connections. All input and output circuits are balanced and utilise low noice, high slew circuits.




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