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SS16 Headphone Distribution

Listening to a personal choice of music or video sound track can reduce the tedium of exercising or waiting. The Cloud Headphone Distribution System has been specially developed to meet the needs of users who would benefit from having an entertainment facility at their fingertips. Whether exercising, adding a tan or patiently waiting for something to hapen, the Pump Station is designed to provide the entertainment.

Offering 8 stereo sound sources, any of which can be selcted to operate through a pair of stereo headphones via the RH-8 or WP-8(A) control panel with a total capacity of 256 control panels on one system.



Product Features

  • Expansion unit for connection of 16 x RH-8, RH-8c or WP-8(A) control panels.
  • Up to fifteen SS-16s can be added to provide a total system capacity of 256 users.