Cloud CV-1000 - 16 Years of Hard Work and Ready for 16 More!

19 November 2012

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The service department at Cloud Electronics recently received a Cloud CV-1000 2-Channel Amplifier for repair. Nothing particularly newsworthy there you might say, although Cloud Electronics products are noted for their reliability, but it was pretty apparent upon opening this particular amplifier that it had been on the receiving end of a fairly hard working life, as the picture shows.

This Cloud CV-1000 amplifer was manufactured on the 8th March 1996 and was a custom build model for a customer with a very specific load requirement as part of a system design at the time. The customer had designed a system using three 8ohm loudspeakers wired in parallel on each of the amplifier channels to present a 2.67ohm load.  The CV-1000 was originally designed to run a minimum 4ohm load per channel but this particular CV-1000 was modified in 1996  (by adding a higher specification fan to increase airflow) to withstand the higher demands of a lower resistance load.

The recent repairs to the amplifier were limited to it requiring a magnet re-soldering onto an output relay and a thermal trip that required resoldering too, some fairly insubstantial repairs in view of the life the amplifier has evidently led. Having had the recent repairs it is expected the amplifier will continue to run for another 16 years, another very-real example of the reliability of the Cloud Electronics brand.