Cloud makes positive first impressions in Park City

01 January 2013

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When the Chamber of Commerce in Park City, Utah decided to build a new visitor center they wanted to insure that the building and services reflected the image of the resort community.  A key part of this was incorporating the natural beauty of the area and while still providing a connection for visitors using the space.  The first thing you see when you enter the space are the stunning views.  The large picture windows looking south towards the 3 mountain resorts frame the space majestically. 

"The new center will be used for many purposes" commented Deb Lewis from the Chamber.  "We incorporated the coffee shop into the layout to give visitors a reason to sit and relax while learning about the area and enjoying the view.  There is also a large multimedia projection system, used for special events and dedicated marketing platform for the three local resorts within the retail space.  Because of the diverse activities and multiple uses, the visitor’s center needed an audio system that could be very flexible and versatile". 

"We chose the Cloud 46/50, it was an easy choice" said Kris Severson from K2 Creative.  “We can easily change the level and the source in each area.  This is critical for the coffee area and event space which may or may not be used simultaneously in retail area.  The Cloud device provides easy integration with the two wireless mics as well as the Video media players used for the promotional videos and presentations.”

The Cloud mixer-amplifier delivers audio to background music speakers in the retail spaces and coffee shop to deliver background music in the open ceiling areas.  Since this is a huge highly reflective space that will be used for live presentations, the sound quality is a big consideration.