5-Zone Hotel/Suites (APP NO.003a)

Low-impedance audio system. Using 5 Zones of CXA6 for Low Level BGM Audio. 5 Seperate Zones/Suites have Local zone mic/line input for Corporate Presentations, Wedding Receptions and other Events. 

Products: CXA6, Z4MK3


4-Zone Multi-Purpose Venue (APP NO.013)

A 4-Zone 100V/70V Line audio system with room combining capability and local zone inputs for flexibility.

Products: CXV425, PM8, Z4MK3


7 Zone Hotel Install (APP NO .027)

Mixed HighZ &LowZ application with Zones 1-3 using 100v and Zones 4-7 using 8Ω Output. Wall mount remotes for the main areas plus a Local Line Level Input via LE-1A in the Main Bar.  

Hotel Spa (APP NO.030)

The Hotel Spa utilises the CAM16 Audio Distribution System in addition to the CAS16 Sub Station to provide up to 8 individual audio sources and remote source/level control via the WP-8. The system design allows the combination of both headphones and local loudspeakers, each with local control.

Products: CXA450, CAS16, CAM16