Bowling Alley (APP NO.015)

Mixed 100V/70V Line and Active audio system for background and foreground music and 3-zone paging with automated spot announcer. Auxiliary inputs provide flexibility for connecting a live band or DJ to the house system.

Products: CXA850, PM8, Z4MK3


8 Zone Casino (APP NO.016)

8-Zone low-impedance paging and background music system, with automated spot announcer and local mic and line inputs for Banquet Rm.

Themed Attraction (APP NO.017)

8-Zone playback and paging system for Themed Attraction or Ride. Using Infrared or Contact Closure triggers, the PM8-SA enables user programable automated messaging to discrete zones as well as continuous audio playback.

Themed Attraction: Local Audio Playback (APP NO.046)

Compact audio system operating on a 12-24V DC power supply ideally suited for installation into tour guiding vehicles. The function panel input provides remote mic input with dedicated level control whilst the two line inputs can be use for Video and music player sources. The MA40 provides 40W Low-Z speaker output, which in this example are connected in series/parallel configuration to achieve maximum coverage.