Large Retail Store - Single Zone (APP NO.005)

THE MPA240 is a powerful and flexible integrated audio solution providing inputs for Music, TV Audio and paging. The RSL-6AW provides remote volume and source control. The user may choose between 100V/70V line output or Low-impedance

2 Zone Store (APP NO.006)

100V/70V Line audio system for background music with paging facility and zone-dedicated remote volume control.

Products: CX163, CXA450, PM4


2-Zone Store with Zone Message Announcer (APP NO.007)

A 100V/70V Line audio system for background music with advanced paging facility including automated spot announcer and zone-dedicated remote volume control.

Department Store (APP NO.008)

100V/70V Line audio system for background music, dual paging microphones, automated spot announcer and PBX interface.

Supermarket with Message Paging (APP NO.026)

With Automated Cashier Paging. Remote trigger messages from external switches. Movement sensors and security points. Cashier call messages and voice paging capabilities – enabling multitasking staff function.

Remote Service Desk using Message Paging (APP NO.028)

Customer required a Remote Service Desk to have a Wireless Service Call Push-Button facility. The remote Call Button triggers a message via a simple Wireless Interface then pages to the pre-set Message/Zones saved by the PM-SA.The Customer Service Paging Mic has Priority over Cashiers 1-7

Retail Store with Digital Signage (APP NO.32)

100V/70V line audio system with paging and a dedicated input for digital signage audio in addition to background music and a DJ input for events. Each of the 3 output zones has local source /level control using the RSL-6 wall plate.

Products: CX263, CXA450, PM4


Car Showroom (APP NO.036)

Comprehensive 6-Zone Distributed Audio Solution across the whole car dealership. Localised audio control was required for the marketing digital signage along with full estate Paging and Messaging.

PM-SA Message Paging (APP NO.042)

Message Paging when the Existing House Amplifier does not have a Page Access Interface.

36 Zone MultiFloor Shopping Mall

 36 Zone MultiFloor Shopping Mall using Aux 1 & Aux 2 Outputs to route the teo audio sources across 4 amps. All 36 Zones have upto 125W @ 100v or power shared up to 500W across each 4Chs. Extensive DSP is used to balance the various different zones and complexed spaces. Ethernet is connect to the local router for Web Browser install config and GUI control.  

Small Retail Store (APP NO.004)

The MA60 offers an integrated solution for background music, paging and music-on-hold. The small footprint and simple operation are perfect for Retail Stores, Restaurants and Café's.

Products: MA60, PM1