Arenas, Theatres & Live Sound

Sports Stadium (APP NO.043)

16-Zone Stadium using two Z8MK4 mixers. The system has both high and low impedance amplification provided by the CXV425 and VTX4400 respectively. The system includes a full 16-Zone paging system with multiple paging positions. Inputs are provided for commentary microphones, live music and integration with the video playback system.

Regional Theatre (APP NO.018v2.1)

16-Zone 100V/70V Line paging solution including networked digital paging microphones and integrated message announcer. Background music and other audio sources can be added.

Stadium Hospitality Boxes Distributed (APP NO.050)

The MA40T Mini Amplifier provides 40W of amplification into 70/100V constant voltage speaker circuits. Each Hospitality Box is provided with local input and level control whilst also allowing for a priority input from the main 70/100V constant voltage paging or emergency system.

Products: MA40T


Stadium Hospitality Boxes (APP NO.053)

This centralised system provides 8-Zones with individual level and source and inputs including local Mic, Line and Bluetooth audio streaming. Priority paging is possible with the PM series paging microphones.

Products: CXA450, Z8MK4