VTX-WM1 Web Monitor Card - VTX Amp Series

The VTX card hosts its own website providing monitoring and surveillance information about the amplifier’s condition and status – which can be viewed from any remote location at any time using any computer (or PDA, smartphone, etc.) via its normal Internet browser application. With no further software necessary, the VTX card is the simplest and lowest-cost option available.
Passwords and criteria are established at point of installation. Monitoring options span load monitoring, input level monitoring, signal level indications, temperature and level controls and all user configurable settings. Alarm warnings and status messages are sent via email (or SMS). This includes a ‘Black Box’ message should the amplifier fail and shut down: the battery back-up within the card allows it to send a final message and its settings.
The VTX-WM1, like the VTX amplifier range, is covered by the Cloud five-year warranty, guaranteeing complete peace of mind.